Pic’s Peanut Butter Empire

You may have heard the news, Deloitte Fast 50 business, Pic’s Peanut Butter, is expanding to keep up with increasing demand. We talk to Pic Picot, owner and founder of Pics Peanut Butter, about the growth and expansion of his Nelson-based business and going global.

From the Nelson market to the world, Pic Picot is building a new home for his booming peanut butter realm. The new factory on Saxton Road in Nelson will produce the extended production lines as well as showcase a new tourist attraction, Pic's Peanut Butter World. While production will begin in the new factory in October this year and tours open to the public in February 2019.

In the last 10 years, Picot's business has gone from strength to strength. Pic’s started selling at the Nelson market in 2007 and now sells nut butters to national and international peanut butter nutters! Pic’s now ships two or three containers of peanut butter around the world every week and the new factory enables the company to keep up with production and meet increasing appetites for the product well into the 2020s.

The 2500-square-metre factory building is more than double the size of Pic’s two existing facilities, and will be right next to their warehouse already in use. Pic’s plans include viewing galleries, an education centre, a cafe and a retail shop. The existing factory tours have long been oversubscribed and the new facility will be a valuable addition to Nelson’s visitor attractions.

Hi Pic, what are you most looking forward to about the new factory?

Hello! I am most looking forward to creating a welcoming environment for our staff, visitors and customers here at our new Nelson factory.

What is your #1 piece of advice for a business considering an expansion?

My advice is - go for it! Expanding your business, doing something useful is always way more fun than buying fancy cars and a great big house. Just go for it!

What has changed for the business since taking Pics to the world?

Since taking Pic’s to the world, the biggest changes we’ve noticed are we’ve been able to give more people employment and I get to have my photo taken more often!

From your perspective, what creates a fast-growing business?

I think it’s the engaged customers who talk about us with their friends and family that truly creates a fast-growing business.

Why did you initially enter the Deloitte Fast 50 back in 2013?

Back in 2013, we entered the Fast 50 because we wanted to see how we measured up against our peers.

What did being involved in the Fast 50 bring to your business, what did you get out of it?

Being involved with the Fast 50 gave us the opportunity to regularly reassess where we’ve come from. The ability to take stock of where we are and where we are headed is incredibly useful. I absolutely love the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of amazing people at the Festival of Growth up in Auckland!


01 August, 2018 by Keri Clendon,

Keri Clendon

Keri Clendon

Keri Clendon is the Deloitte Fast 50 programme lead. She's enthusiastic about celebrating the successes of fast-growing Kiwi businesses.

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