Getting down to business: The Mrs Higgins story

Corporate Finance manager, Tim Lee, chats with Markus Hasler, owner and CEO of Mrs Higgins', about the company's growth journey.

As many of you will know, Mrs Higgins manufactures and markets a range of products including cookies, slices and preformed cookie dough. When the business outgrew its existing manufacturing facility, the owners decided to find a partner to support the business through its next phase of growth. Deloitte Private supported Mrs Higgins through this process which saw Rangatira Investments take a 50% shareholding and the business move into a new purpose-built manufacturing facility earlier this year.

To date, Deloitte Private has helped Mrs Higgins with accounting, tax, valuation and capital raising support. We're thrilled to be a part of the Mrs Higgins story!


Hi Markus, having been through a search for and found a growth partner, how did the overall process compare with your initial expectations of going through a transaction? 

This actually wasn’t our first time going through a transaction so we had some idea of what to expect. Our initial expectations were actually lower than the final experience. This process was much easier and quicker than I expected it to be. I think this was helped a lot by the fact that Rangatira is a professional investment company and is very experienced in going through transactions.

We also had Deloitte Private involved from an early stage in the process which really helped us streamline work and ensured we focused on the areas that matter to an investor coming in.

What has changed for the business since bringing on external capital and a professional investor?

Fundamentally we are still the same business but a number of things have changed that I think are definitely for the better.

  • We now have a much more robust and professional governance structure and carrying out regular board meetings.
  • We have a much clearer and focused strategic direction for the business and we regularly report against this plan.
  • Bringing on an investor has reduced capital constraints and so our appetite for growth is stronger. The capital raise helped support our move into a new purpose built manufacturing facility that will be the foundation for our future export growth.

What is your #1 piece of advice for a business considering a potential transaction?

Don’t try and do it on your own!

Transactions take up far more time than you could imagine. Having been through it before, I can honestly say you will save yourself a world of stress if you involve professional advisors from early on. I genuinely believe that I would not have achieved the outcome I did if I had not had Deloitte Private at my side supporting me from the beginning.


05 July, 2018 by Tim Lee,

Tim Lee

Tim Lee

Tim Lee is a manager at Deloitte with a focus on supporting privately owned business through transactions and capital raising.

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