Feature story: Timely comes in at #71 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500

We were thrilled to have 54 businesses from New Zealand take out a place in our recent Deloitte Technology Fast 500. We celebrated their success with events at our Deloitte Private Clubs in Auckland and Wellington and it was great to see the support for those Kiwi businesses making their mark on the world stage. One such placeholder was Timely who came in at #71. They make scheduling software to help small businesses such as beauty spas, keep track of appointments, stock and clients. We had a chat with co-founder and CEO, Ryan Baker, about Timely's rapid growth and the challenges that can create. 

Congratulations on coming #71 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 – how does it feel to be recognised in this way?

It feels awesome! The thing I’ve always liked about the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 is that it’s not a popularity contest. It’s based on revenue results and so it’s a nice objective measure as to how we’re performing alongside other companies in our industry.

What do you attribute your fast growth to?

A great product, built and backed by a great team. We are super passionate about helping our customers in the beauty and well-being industries.

How did Timely come about? What niche did you see in the market?

Our previous company was booking software in the tourism industry. While we were working on that we had an unusually large number of salons and day spas asking if they could use our software. It was hard to ignore the demand and so we had a look at the existing salon and spa management solutions. It didn’t take long to see why these business owners were looking outside of their industry for something better. The existing solutions were overpriced and cumbersome.

Why do you feel people are drawn to your product and what kind of feedback have you had?

Having worked exclusively on booking software solutions since around 2002, we have become experts in calendar-based software. It’s like anything, the more you do it and learn, the better you get. Small business owners today are savvy when it comes to software and the experience they expect. They want intuitive, affordable and value-packed solutions.

When they try Timely, we often hear it referred to as a breath of fresh air. The years we have invested in making great calendar software for small businesses shines through. We also back that with fast, friendly and relatable service. We receive heart-warming feedback from customers every day and we display it proudly on our wall of love: https://www.gettimely.com/support/customer-love/

What types of SMEs do you service most often?

Beauty, well-being and fitness companies.

With such fast growth, what pressure has this placed on your business?

Pressure is a constant and the main thing it drives is change. We are constantly growing and forming new teams and bigger and better ways of doing things. In a business at our stage and pace, there are a hundred things you want to do, but only enough hours in the day to prioritise a handful. We are continually prioritising, because focus is more about the ninety seven things you choose not do to, or to do later.

27 March, 2017 by Emily McLean,

Emily McLean

Emily McLean

Emily McLean works in the Deloitte marketing team and closely with Deloitte Private. She loves telling the stories of those individuals and businesses leaving their mark in New Zealand's SME space while delivering news and insights to help business owners grow their companies. 

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