Growing a happy place for customers

24 October, 2016 by Janene Draper, Expert insights

While it may seem like the road less travelled, many have been before you when it comes to starting a business. Co-owner and founder of Farro Fresh, Janene Draper, spoke at our Deloitte Private Club in Auckland this month, sharing her stories of navi…

Our Fast 50 regional winners

26 September, 2016 by Emily McLean, Expert insights

Since June, we’ve been on the hunt for companies of interest and we’ve certainly found them! Congratulations to all our Deloitte Fast 50 regional award winners announced at our regional celebration events on 21 and 22 September. We had two fantastic …

Life begins here – Trade Me rebrand themselves

25 September, 2016 by Roxy Huntington, Expert insights

Trade Me are a true kiwi success story built on attitude and connection. We talked to Roxy Huntington, Head of Design, about their recent rebrand and the 'why' behind it.

How can companies build a strong brand and why is it important?

In a nutshell…

From A to Z - The rebranding story of one of our iconic companies

16 September, 2016 by Emily McLean, Expert insights

‘Get really clear on what you stand for and live it!’ These are the words of Z Energy’s CEO, Mike Bennetts, who presented at our Deloitte Private Club in Wellington this month to tell the story behind the birth of Z Energy. Starting out as Shell Oil,…

The Deloitte brand gets a makeover!

16 September, 2016 by Amy Fuller, Announcements

The Deloitte Brand has been the same since 2003 but this year it got a makeover. See why our new brand identity goes beyond just the visual elements and offers a lesson in why branding is more than just pretty graphics - it's about creating an ecosys…

The challenges and rewards of rebranding

16 September, 2016 by Emily McLean, Expert insights

Owner of Humankind, Samantha Gadd, lets us in on her journey to rebrand her business - from the opposition she faced to the advantage it’s now given her in the market place. She is the young businesswoman behind the very successful business, Humankin…

Sophie Gilmour from Bird on a Wire talks leadership

16 August, 2016 by Sophie Gilmour,

As the co-owner of one of Auckland's fastest growing restaurant chains, Sophie Gilmour knows that managing people is both the greatest challenge and also the greatest pleasure of running a hospitality business. Since opening shop in 2012, she's learn…

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