Greenwashing, be gone: Fast 50 companies with sustainability at their heart

19 October, 2020 by Jen Scouler, Fast 50

Some businesses were promoting the message of sustainability well before it became a boardroom talking point. Fast 50 alumni Kowtow and Ecobags have walked challenging journeys to build sustainable businesses that remain profitable.

Learning the hard way: I Love Ugly’s journey from the top to the bottom and back again

16 October, 2020 by Jen Scouler, Fast 50

Any founder will tell you starting and growing a business is difficult – nothing great ever came easily. When it comes to challenges, it’s fair to say that I Love Ugly has had its resilience tested a little more than most.

COVID-19: Latest Updates to the Business Finance Guarantee Scheme - 24 August 2020

24 August, 2020 by Doug Wilson, Business continuity

The Business Finance Guarantee Scheme (BFGS) is part of the Government’s package of reforms to support the New Zealand economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've collected the latest updates you need to know.

COVID-19: Wage Subsidy and Leave Support announcements - 25 August 2020

17 August, 2020 Business continuity

With the announcement that further wage subsidies and an expanded Leave Support Scheme would be available following New Zealand's change in alert levels, we’ve summarised what further relief is on offer to businesses from 1pm on 21 August.

COVID-19: Practical information about the Wage Subsidy Extension and the Leave Support Scheme – 14 August 2020

14 August, 2020 Business continuity

With the country moving out of Alert Level 1 to Levels 2 and 3, businesses are rightly beginning to reconsider their eligibility for government assistance through either the Wage Subsidy Extension or the Leave Support Scheme.

Tech or software company with future sale plans? Get tax right to maximise value

04 August, 2020 Tax planning and structuring

Tax really matters when it’s time to sell. Historic exposures remain with a company, and tax due diligence covering the last 5 financial years is a common part of a sale process, often conducted alongside commercial, financial and legal due diligence

Business resilience – four learnings from SMEs’ response to COVID-19

03 July, 2020 by Muhammad Cajee, Business continuity

Partner Muhammad Cajee shares his experience being part of the Deloitte team working to support many New Zealand businesses in building resilience and developing business continuity plans.

Our response labs: An empathetic ear for an uncertain time

02 July, 2020 by Jen Scouler, Business continuity

In order to support the COVID-19 response, our Deloitte team mobilised quickly to develop virtual two-hour workshops that could be delivered to businesses across New Zealand, providing tailored strategic advice when it was most needed.

COVID-19: The GST impact of changes to your short-stay property

26 June, 2020 Business continuity

With COVID-19 having a devastating impact on the tourism sector, you may be re-thinking how you use your investment property to generate returns. Care needs to be taken as there may be GST costs to you for any changes in use.

COVID-19: The latest Wage Subsidy information – 10 June 2020

10 June, 2020 Business continuity

With the move to Alert Level 1, 10 June 2020 marks the end of the Wage Subsidy Scheme and the beginning of the Wage Subsidy Extension Scheme.

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