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We can accommodate the technology you’re already using, or we can suggest some exciting technology advances that will radically improve how you’re doing things.

Software as a service

Businesses of every shape and size are using cloud solutions and Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) to gain rapid access to world-class IT capabilities without having to invest in acquiring, developing and maintaining their own systems and applications. Many businesses are taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of SaaS solutions, using either an on-demand or subscription-based pay-as-you-go model.

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  • Cloud accounting
    Cloud computing has driven a proliferation of high quality software packages available on a monthly subscription basis. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in the SME sector.
  • Cloud computing: myths versus facts
    Given the decision and reality of business to either be in, or plan to place and share their data in the Cloud, we take a timely look at the realities versus the myths.
  • The Cloud: technical advantages
    The Cloud has technical advantages that translate directly into business value.
  • Cloud disruption is real
    The cloud enables smaller companies to grow at unprecedented speed and in some instances to compete on equal footing with businesses that are much larger.

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