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Taking your business to an international market can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure. Export regulations and export compliance can be a minefield of complexities. However, with our international experience and market connections, we’ll give you expert export advice that’ll help you cut through the red tape.

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Doing business in the USA

Claudia Batten speaking at our Deloitte Private Club on the intricacies of cracking the lucrative US market.
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Supersize me! 3 keys to the US market

The US is the land of big opportunity as a tech-entrepreneur. More than a few companies have made the leap over the years, with some achieving success and others not quite getting there. More >

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Business structures for offshore operations

There are several business vehicles that could be used to structure offshore operations. Each have their own tax and regulatory characteristics. While the choice of structure...  More >

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Export controls

Countries around the world maintain a comprehensive set of export control regulations which restrict the tangible and intangible movement of certain goods, software and...  More >

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Exporting for your future success

New Zealand companies need offshore opportunities. So runs a business axiom in a country of our size and wealth. But how is this best achieved?...  More >

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Relationships the key to exporting to China

Although China appears like a feasible market in which to expand, entry comes with a word of caution. To succeed, it requires a long-term view and a significant investment of capital and time...  More >

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Working offshore

The tax implications for New Zealanders working offshore will be driven by their New Zealand tax residency status. A tax resident of New Zealand will be subject to New Zealand tax...  More >

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Staying out of double trouble

If a taxpayer is subject to a transfer pricing tax adjustment, it can be an expensive exercise to arrange the equal and opposite transfer pricing adjustment in the other country... More >

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Making “Going Global” make sense

Globalisation has become a critical business imperative, but just getting there isn’t enough... More >

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Retail globalisation: Navigating the maze

Over the past decade, a growing number of retailers in developed countries have reduced their dependence on their home markets and made expansion into more attractive foreign markets a priority growth strategy... More >

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Retail and global expansion: Determining your method of market entry

Foreign markets offer attractive growth rates fueled by burgeoning middle classes, lower competitive intensity, and greater pricing flexibility. Additionally, a global presence may help retailers lessen their risk exposure to an economic downturn in any one market... More >

Making it easier to go global

With our international experience and market connections, we’ll give you expert export advice that’ll help you cut through the red tape. More >

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