How we help

Start-ups & entrepreneurs

How we help:

  • Guidance for getting your enterprise off the ground
  • Achieving compliance every step of the way
  • Keeping you focused on the dream
  • Stepping up to the next level – new markets, venture funding, going public

A leg up for startups
Defined by high growth, rapid innovation and product-centric teams fighting to make a dent in the consumer universe, startups are becoming the lifeblood of economies around the world. Deloitte Private has the expertise a startup needs to grow from micro to global, so your great business idea will have every chance of success.

Good behind-the-scenes advice
If your core team is big on passion and creativity but short on accounting knowledge and commercial experience, Deloitte Private can provide the foundational guidance you need. Corporate structure, financial management, tax planning, audit and other administrative matters require as much careful attention as product development.

Keeping up the excitement
With us taking care of the nuts and bolts, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the reason you are running a startup – the excitement of developing and marketing your product.

Preparation for the next step
The commercial expertise of Deloitte Private and our proven solutions can complement your team and prepare you for future growth, whether it means expanding to a new region, gaining venture funding or going public.

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