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Professional services

Going pro ­­- more time to do what you do best

Deloitte Private’s professional services team works with law firms, engineering firms, medical practices, architectural practices and other professional service providers.

We understand the types of accounting support your organisation requires. We can assist with everything from employee solutions to managing, and minimising, the impacts of working in the unpredictable environment of professional services. The more time spent on administration, the less there is for paid work.

"Professional service clients have a lot of balls in the air" says Paul Pettit. "Every hour spent chasing payment and working towards future projects is an hour spent away from the work they're paid for. Finding appropriately qualified staff helps in the long-term, but is also a time-consuming process.”

Paul also works with consulting firms, particularly creative people: "We try to transition them to think outside of their creative box and more as business people. They're great at what they do, but some may not be as experienced with the business side of things.”

Software that can help

Quote Roller
Irresistable Proposals. Create polished, professional proposals in minutes

Appointment software to power your business

Job, Time & Invoice Management Software 

Quote Roller
Do you know if your client opened your proposal? How much time have they spent on the pricing page? Have they opened your portfolio section?
Our in-proposal analytics allow you all that and more. Get instant notifications when your clients open proposals for efficient follow-ups, improve your proposals based on previous proposal performance, and increase your winning rate.


Timely is an appointment system for clinics, salons, practices and any business operator that takes appointments, likes to save time and get new customers...


Take the pain out of running your business. A total solution covering all operations from prospecting to quoting, time sheeting to invoicing and everything in between.


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