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NZ has a strong and growing trade surplus in food and beverage.  As the global population continues to increase, the world needs to significantly increase food production and NZ can play a part in that process.

The food and beverage sector is seeing significant changes in consumer behaviour changes at a local level and globally a transition from feeding Westerners to feeding the Asia Pacific Region. 

In this sector NZ has demonstrated strength in low cost production, and readily applies technology and information.  We need to sharpen our pencils when it comes to global experience, international governance, capital and global sales force.  The NZ Government’s Economic Growth Agenda has set some stretch targets for this industry aiming for growth in the sector of $25 billion by 2025.

In our view, it has never been more difficult to build a successful, sustainable and socially responsible food and beverage business, not only in New Zealand, but also worldwide. Indeed, changes in the world’s population have caused real supply and demand issues for companies; however they also represent opportunities for expansion.

Fast growing FMCG businesses are focused on growth, funding that growth and delivering.  They pride themselves in being agile, flexible and responsive.  Smart use of social media and embracing this as a medium to connection with the consumer group is increasingly important.
Our deep understanding of the issues and trends affecting food and beverage businesses (producers, growers, manufacturer and retail) mean that we are uniquely placed to advise our clients on all aspects of the food and beverage industry from farm to fork.

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