How we help

Governance & structure

How we help:

  • Compliance assurance – get on top of your administration
  • Creation of a board that knows how to lead
  • Leverage compliance requirements to your advantage
  • Insight into the best practices of top companies

Getting corporate governance tidied up
In the wake of the global financial crisis, corporate governance should be a core area of focus for all businesses, small or large. Deloitte Private can help you to comply with the complex requirements, so that your stakeholders will see that your business is ship-shape and ready for growth.

Leading, not being led
The current market demands boards that lead, rather than boards that are led. Effective leadership from the top helps you to turn challenges into opportunities and leverage compliance requirements to your advantage. Our input at board level can take the weight off your shoulders and proactively ensure the success of your business.

Staying in touch with best practice
Deloitte takes an active role in promoting dialogue between industry bodies, companies and their boards of directors, investors, professional services firms, academia and government. We can provide insight into how other top companies are approaching corporate governance and structure, and keep you up-to-date with the latest accounting standards.


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